Cartridge Depot says ‘Thank You’ to The Sick Children’s Trust!

Guy, Dario, Vincenza & Acorn House Manager Sandra Peckham

The Sick Children's Trust, Bedfordshire Times & Citizen 14.04.2016

Article published in the Bedford Times & Citizen 14/04/2016

FSB The Voice July 2016 - The Sick Childrens Trust

Article published in the FSB The Voice Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire & Hertfordshire magazine – July/August 2016 edition (page 2)

Guy and Vincenza Ciampa of Cartridge Depot in Bedford have shown their gratitude to The Sick Children’s Trust by donating them a new printer and free printer cartridges.
Guy and Vincenza (co-founders of Cartridge Depot) welcomed their son Dario Luigi Ciampa into the world on the 2nd May 2015, but there were a few complications when Dario was born which led him to be rushed to Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge. This is when The Sick Children’s Trust came in to help the family by offering them free ‘Home from Home’ accommodation during Dario’s treatment.
Guy and Vincenza Ciampa say: “We felt it only right to repay The Sick Children’s Trust in some way, what we have donated to them will never be enough to say thank you as what it offered us was more than just a room to stay in, it was the comforting welcome and feeling of home. The team kept us calm which we’re sure passed on to our son which led him to have such a great recovery. It was one less thing to worry about during a difficult time.”
Guy continues: “I was able to be close to my family and not worry about travelling and leaving them. I think we all take many charities for granted but when you actually use a charity like we did you realise just how important they are.
“I felt it so important to spread this news about The Sick Children’s Trust and what a great job Sandra and her team do at Acorn House in Cambridge. The Sick Children’s Trust makes a huge difference to parents, children and babies going through the most difficult times in their lives, so we are doing all we can to support the charity where possible. We’ve donated a printer and free cartridges from our company Cartridge Depot and we will also be encouraging other friends and families to join the charity’s Big Chocolate Tea event happening at the end of the month, so that more families can be supported by this wonderful cause.
“We will continue to show our support to The Sick Children’s Trust however possible.”
The Sick Children’s Trust runs ten ‘Homes from Home’ across the country and last year supported around 4,000 families with free accommodation close to their sick child’s bedside. Alongside private bedrooms, each house has communal bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms which can be accessed by the families receiving support.
Acorn House Manager, Sandra Peckham says: “We’d like to thank Dario’s family so very much for their wonderful donation, support and kind words.
“When a child is taken to hospital to receive critical treatment, life for the whole family is thrown into turmoil. Acorn House means families like Guy and Vincenza can stay together in free ‘Home from Home’ accommodation, just minutes from their sick child’s bedside – easing some of the worries at an incredibly difficult time.”
*Guy and Vincenza are joining The Sick Children’s Trust’s Big Chocolate Tea fundraising event from 22 April – 2 May and are calling for others to get involved too. For more information on Big Chocolate Tea visit

About The Sick Children’s Trust

The Sick Children’s Trust is working to a future where every family with a seriously ill child in hospital will be able to stay together, just minutes from their child’s bed during their treatment.
We believe keeping families together significantly improves the recovery of seriously ill children. We provide free, high-quality ‘Home from Home’ accommodation, as well as emotional and practical support, to families with sick children in hospital in the UK.
The Sick Children’s Trust was founded in 1982 by two paediatric specialists Dr Jon Pritchard and Professor James Malpas. Today we have 10 ‘Homes from Home’ at major hospitals around the country where families can stay free of charge, for as long as they need whilst their child is undergoing treatment.
We support around 3,600 families every year, and there is a growing demand for our ‘Homes from Home’ as children must increasingly travel long distances to get the specialist treatment they need.

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4 years old!

This year Cartridge Depot celebrated their 4th year in trading on the 19th March 2016. We would like to thank all for your continued support and look forward to offering our service for many more years to come!


Cartridge Depot Employee Of The Year 2015!


Guy and Dario at Cartridge Depot. (Like father like son!)

Cartridge Depot are proud to announce that they have chosen Dario Ciampa as there Employee Of The Year 2015!

As you may be aware proud parents Gaetano and Vincenza welcomed their first beautiful baby boy Dario Luigi Ciampa into the world on the 2nd May 2015, at only 15 weeks old he has already managed to achieve the Employee Of The Year! Look at him, how could he not win it!


Dario’s reaction on finding out he has won the Cartridge Depot Employee Of The Year 2015!




Vincenza & Guy receiving the award from the sponsors of the award The Green Triangle

BEDS 2015 logo-WINNER


All the winners at the FSB Bedfordshire Business Awards 2015

We are so proud, amazed and delighted to announce that Cartridge Depot are winners of the Green Award at the FSB Bedfordshire Business Awards 2015! We had a great evening at the awards ceremony held at Centre Parcs in Woburn on Thursday 25th June 2015. We were lucky to meet an array of successful and diverse businesses from around Bedfordshire at the Gala dinner and would like to thank all who supported us. We would like to extend our thanks to all our customers and the local people who have helped us achieve this award, we would not have been able to achieve it without you. This is such a prestigious award for us to have achieved and we are so grateful to have received this recognition for our hard work since we commenced trading in 2012.

For more information about the awards please visit:

This news has also been published on the Love Bedford website & in the August 2015 edition of Business2Business.


Times & Citizen press release - FSB Winners 2015

Article published in the Bedford Times & Citizen 09/07/2015

Rosetta publishing press realease - FSB Winners 2015

Article published in August 2015 editions of The Castle Quarter (page 9), Kempston Calling (page 23), Mid Beds Bulletin (page 13) & South Bedford Bulletin (page 19)



BEDS 2015 logo-FINALISTWe are delighted and proud to announce that we have been successful in reaching the finals of the FSB Bedfordshire Business Awards 2015 in the Green Award category! Reaching the finals of the awards reflects the hard work we, our customers and the local community have put into helping to save the environment by recycling so many empty printer cartridges. We are so grateful to all our customers and the local community that have helped us in our bid to recycle so many printer cartridges. We look forward to the awards ceremony which takes place on 25th June 2015. It will be an evening of celebrating amongst many successful businesses across Bedfordshire. We would like to again thank all that have helped us reach this stage as it is a great achievement for us since trading just over three years ago!

Castle quarter FSB Final 2015

Article published in the July 2015 editions of The Bedford Castle Quarter Bulletin (page 13) & The West Beds Bulletin (page 8)

BedfordBID Backing Bedford Business 2015

Article published in the 2015 edition of the BedfordBID Backing Bedford Business (page 9)











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3 Years of Trading and Over 11000 Cartridges Recycled By Cartridge Depot!

This year Cartridge Depot is celebrating their third year of trading in March 2015. At this IMG_3934same time last year, they reported having recycled over 6000 Cartridges during their first two years of being open. They can now confirm that they have recycled a further 5000 cartridges since bringing the total of cartridges sent to recycling up to an astounding 11000 in their first three years of trading!!! This means that they have almost doubled the number of cartridges they have sent to recycling since last year’s count. On average this works out at 10 cartridges being sent to recycling each day. Studies show that over 350 million cartridges are dumped and put into landfill each year, and the fact that it can take anything between 450 to 1000 years for cartridges to decompose is staggering.

Castle Quarter press release 04.15

Article published in the April 2015 editions of The Bedford Castle Quarter Bulletin (page 5) & The South Bedford Bulletin (page 7)

Director Guy Ciampa says “This is a great achievement for us working together with the local community. Without the locals’ support we would not have been able to have reached this landmark! Within our industry I believe it is important to be able to offer the recycling of cartridges. The amount we have recycled since trading is tiny in comparison to how many cartridges are being put into landfill each year, however we believe that anything we can do to help this will be beneficial to our Environment for us and future generations. We want to increase this figure significantly so we ask all Local People, Businesses and Organisations to join us in recycling empty printer cartridges. You do not even need to be a customer or buy anything from us, it is free.”

Article published in the Bedfordshire On Sunday 22/03/2015

We are therefore again calling on the public to please think next time you have an empty cartridge and rather than throwing it in the bin, help Cartridge Depot continue their good work by popping in and recycling your empty printer cartridge. If you have a large quantity of cartridges, Cartridge Depot will even arrange to get them collected free of charge if you are based locally.

Cartridge Depot would again like to thank our existing and new customers alike for their continued support during our first years of trading. Thanks to them for playing their part in helping us to reach this incredible milestone number of Cartridges sent to recycling. Without you this would not have been possible.

FSB The Voice JPG

Article published in the FSB The Voice Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire magazine – June/July 2015 edition (page 14)


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The FSB Bedfordshire Business Awards 2014 Awards Ceremony 26/06/2014

We had an excellent evening at the Awards Ceremony last night, we met an array of different businesses from all around Bedfordshire. Unfortunately we did not win the Best New Business category that we were finalists in, but we were more than privileged and proud to be chosen and invited as finalist at such a prestigious event. We would like to again thank all our customers who have supported us since we began trading, we look forward to many more milestones like this one.FSB Bedfordshire Business Awards (28)